Who We Are

We are a travel agency and tour operator in Costa Rica that offers national and international destinations. Our enterprise policy has always been focused on customer´s satisfaction guaranteed by a varied offer of trips and activities with a high standard of quality. Our professional team with years of experience in tourism are specialists in circuits and Taylor made trips.


To create true experiences in each visited destination, living and enjoying what really is to practice tourism. We are committed with the environment as well as with social responsibility, offering a real and respectful interaction with each destination and locals, showing a true way of tourism by creating real experiences with real people.

Ronny OwnerAs owner and cofounder of Explora Travel Corporation he feels committed to show the great richness, culture and beauties of his country. Ronny has great experience in the industry of tourism. He has worked as a guide for the most important companies in different regions of Costa Rica (Arenal, Guanacaste, Manuel Antonio, San Jose).

Hi is a naturalist and general tour guide certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT). In addition he holds a degree in Management of Sustainable Rural Tourism from Costa Rican Institute of Tecnology (Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica, ITCR).

After being guiding for more than thirteen years in his country, along with his friend Andres Carmona decided to found Explora Travel Corporation.

How did you get into tourism?

I grew up in the south part of Nicoya Peninsula, an isolated but beautiful region. The high school where I studied at was a technical high school and as part of the specialties offered ecotourism was taught. Part of this specialty included field trips programed to national parks and tourist attractions. I realized that it was very interesting to meet new people and know new places, and the fact of being outdoors in the forest and traveling really got my attention.

During that time I also met Peace Corps volunteers who were teaching english at the elementary school in the village where I lived. These volunteers were coming mainly from the US, England and Scotland. And the fact they were living in my hometown really motivated me to learn and practice English.

At sixth grade of high school as part of the requirements, students had to complete a professional supervised practice for over two months. I definitely wanted to choose a company where I could have the opportunity to meet english speaking people and be trained by professional tour guides, so I talked to the coordinator of the supervised practice to find a good place. Back then in 2007 the agency Costa Rica´s Temptation (CRT) formally accepted my internship request. After the practice was completed CRT hired me as a guide, that´s how it all started!